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College of Medicine Dept. of Urology, University of Florida

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The Prostate Net, Virgil Simons, Founder & President, The Prostate Net

Greetings: Elected Officials/Public Policy,
Senator Anthony Hill, Sr., Minority (Democratic) Whip

Greetings National Cancer Institute, Dr. Vicki L. Shavers, National Cancer Institute

100 Black Men, Mr. Colonel Robert Porter

Welcome Address, Dr. Paul Okunieff, University of Florida Shands Cancer Center, Director

Keynote Address: African American Hereditary Prostate Cancer Study Network: Where Are We Now?, Dr. Paul Okunieff, John Carpten, PhD, Director, Integrated Cancer Genomics Division - TGen

Prevention and Diagnoses of Prostate Cancer, Brian Stone, MD

Current and Emerging Biomarkers for Disease, Elisabeth Heath, MD

Prostate Cancer Treatment: What's Best For You, Winston Tan, MD

Prostate Cancer Treatment: What's Best For You, Stephen Ko, MD

Prostate Cancer Treatment: What's Best For You, David Thiel, MD

Efficacy of PSA Screening for Prostate Cancer Among Elderly African Americans: A Case-Control Study, Paul Godley, MD, PhD

Emerging Trends, Issues & Treatment in Late-Stage Disease, Oliver Sartor, MD

Treatment of Advanced Stage Disease, , Virgil Simons

Treatment of Advanced State Disease, Elisabeth Heath, MD

Controlling Therapeutic Side Effects/Pain Management, David Thiel, MD

Managing Hormone Sensitive Non-Metastatic Relapse Prostate Cancer, Stephen Ko, MD

Managing Castrate- Resistant Metastatic Prostate Cancer, Elisabeth Heath, MD

Managing Castrate- Resistant Metastatic Prostate Cancer, Winston Tan, MD

Future Of Prostate Cancer Research/ Addressing Clinical Trial Barriers, Elisabeth Heath