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Prostate Cancer Symposium for Patients & Healthcare Professionals

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Keynote Address

Donald Coffey, PhD


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Program Overview Brian Stone, MD

Understanding the triggers of disease management:PSAV, PSADT, etc. Ian Thompson, MD

Role of PSA in current practice => after PLCO and ERSPC. How do patients communicate with their family / community on PSA testing Eric Klein, MD

Role of the pathologist; understanding the path report Angelo DeMarzo, MD

Surgical protocols / Active Surveillance /HIFU Ihor Sawczuk, MD

Radiation therapies incl. IMRT, Proton beam Andrew Salner, MD

Medonc's role in interdisciplinary care; hormonal/chemo protocols as primary therapies Daniel Petrylak, MD

Management of hormonal/chemo after effects: skeletal issues, cardiovascular impact, diabetes, chemo brain, etc. Tia Higano, MD

Palliative care / Pain Management Biren Saraiya, MD

How to improve the quality of your life; insuring that your needs are met Sylvie Aubin, PhD

Protocols for primary therapy failure Isaac Powell, MD

Protocols for primary therapy failure Andrew Salner, MD

Management of disease progression; emerging drug protocols Howard Scher, MD

Hormonal / chemo emerging drugs and protocols Tia Higano, MD

5-Alpha Reductase drugs – prevention vs. recurrence Eric Klein, MD

Keynote Luncheon Donald Coffey, PhD

How to get the information and develop the necessary dialogue with your doctors for better communication and care David Sandoe

How to find information on the Internet / How to insure the accuracy and credibility of the information you find; how to work with your doctor Arnon Krongrad, MD

Participation in clinical trials; emerging therapies; behavior modification: diet, lifestyle, etc. Ian Thompson, MD